457 W. Hermosa Place

Villa Paradiso - 457 W. Hermosa Place

Villa Paradiso Palm Springs is a one of a kind trophy estate with Hollywood and Multimillionaire $$ history.
The property was built by Architect Alvah Hicks in 1928 for a Chicago heiress.

The stunning Moorish estate has been lovingly restored including its 17" thick walls. It was named "Villa Paradiso" by Cary Grant because he said "it was all of that and more". This palatial mansion, with 4 residences, rests on 4 acres of magnificently manicured grounds showcasing stately palms, enormous cypress trees, mountain views in all directions and surrounded by hand crafted stone walls. The property features 8 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms (not kidding!!!), 13,000 square feet of living space, a four-car garage, a climate-controlled fur-storage-closet (also not kidding!!!), a swimming pool, a pond, over one hundred palm trees, several eighty-year-old Cypress trees, sweeping mountain views, and 3 stand-alone guest houses, one of which was built by Charlie Rich especially for Cary Grant. Cary’s guest house boasts a formal living room, a fireplace, a large bar, a kitchen, two bathrooms, and one large bedroom. A highlight of the property is the portico between 2 wings of the main house, an Italian Rotunda with original hand painted ceilings.

Located in the heart of Old Las Palmas, the neighboring estates have been residences for Hollywood legends, past and present, as well as Wall Street tycoons. Neighbors included Kirk Douglas, Loretta Young, Dinah Shore, Jerry Herman, Aaron Spelling.
Actress, author and television personality, Toni Holt Kramer and her husband, Robert Kramer currently own the estate.

Celebrities previously associated with this property include Howard Hughes; yo-yo inventor Donald Duncan; owner of the Dunes Hotel in Las Vegas, Charlie "Kewpie" Rich; dancer, singer and actress, Ann Miller with Arthur Cameron, Texas oil magnate, Howard Hughes [working on plans for the Spruce Goose] and not the least, Cary Grant. In addition, a few GHOSTS have been seen.

Charlie built the guest house for Cary Grant with monograms A.L. for his real name of – Archie Leach.

Jennifer Grant writes about Villa Paradiso in her book Good Stuff, the memoir about her late father, actor Cary Grant. Many weekends of Jennifer’s childhood were spent at “Uncle Charlie’s” lush, four-acre Coachella Valley oasis, which the Beverly Hills, 90210 actress described as “my adolescent wonderland” and a “desert Disneyland”. In the book, Jennifer writes, “Our number-one weekend getaway was to Uncle Charlie’s Palm Springs estate. Uncle Charlie was a staple in our life. Kewpie was maybe five feet tall, bald as they come, with a year-round tan (sometimes orange out of the Coppertone bottle – which Dad heckled him for) and a heart that never stopped giving. Uncle Charlie lived in a Spanish adobe on several acres of manicured, palm-tree-lined property. I learned to drive a golf cart and play putt-putt on that lawn. We stayed in the pool house, near the good-for-guppy-hunting pond and gorgeous rose gardens.”

The stunning four acres+ manicured grounds of Villa Paradiso Palm Springs offer the perfect setting for a small outdoor event to a grand 1500+ event. Perfect for private/corporate dinners and parties, receptions, business retreats, corporate events, car shows, product launches, photo/film shoots, yoga retreats and more!